Thursday, July 23, 2009

-=Demo's & Beading & Orders Oh My=-

Hello folks, I'm finally able to sit (without my beading tray) and update this blog. It seems like forever since I've done anything else but beadwork. I've been traveling here and there non-stop doing my beading demos since June. When I haven't been traveling, I'm preparing for the next trip or working on a new project. It's been non-stop since the beginning of summer and now it's nearly the end of July!! With three extra beading demonstrations this year, along with picking up two extra markets, I have to say it's been just a fabulous season so far.

The first of my demos was at the Devon House in St. John's. Both myself and Jerry Evans were invited to do demonstrations and talk about our work. It was such a treat to finally met him in person, he is a very talented artist and so nice!!!

My trips to Terra Nova National Park, Beothuk Interpretation Center and the Mary March Museum were fantastic. There were even suggestions of some beading workshops...I'm hoping for this maybe for next summer, not sure if I'm ready for it this Above is a picture of myself teaching my best friends daughter Trinity how to bead. This was at Terra Nova National Park. What a beautiful place!!!

This picture to the left and below were also taken at Terra Nova National Park. The kids just swarmed my table for beading lessons. I loved it!!! They certainly enjoyed it. I even had some boys that were interested and wanted give it a try. The tourists were so interested in my work, as well as the local folks.

I'm happy to say that my products are now available at the Heritage Foundation Gift Shop located at the visitors information center in the park.

The trip to the Beothuk Interpretation center was also very successful. I met so many wonderful people there and the staff was just amazing. A bus tour came in from Ontario while I was there and I chatted so much with these folks I actually started to lose my voice. I had some friends drop in to see me - folks from Grand Falls-Windsor - who traveled to this area to see the Ice Bergs at Twillingate.

The picture to the left is of myself, Karen Ledrew Day (supervisor) and Robert Lodge who dropped in for a chat with me. Crossing my fingers to get back here sometime in August, if I can get organized for another trip. I'm also happy to say my products are also now available at the Beothuk Interpretation Center gift shop.

I would like to thank everyone involved who helped prepare and organize these demonstrations: Shannon Reid (Shop Manager) and Maaike at the Devon House Craft Shop in St. John's, Starlen Thistle (Native Liaison) & Paula Gobi (Craft Shop Manager) at Terra Nova National Park, Karen Ledrew-Day (Supervisor) and Maureen Thoms (Owner/Operator) of Beothuk Interpretation Center Craft Shop, Boyd's Cove and Penny Wells (Supervisor) for the Mary March Museum in Grand Falls-Windsor. Thank you all so much and I hope to have the opportunity to visit again next year.

With all that going on, I've managed to get some work done. This piece (above photo) is my first beaded cuff. It's absolutely beautiful!! The huge chunk of Labradorite is just brilliant with the flashes of blue and gold, its simply stunning. I have an order for one already which I'm pretty stoked about!!!

These earrings are another "new" product for this season. Very delicate and light, these porcupine quill loops will surely turn some heads. I wore a pair when I was out shopping last week and was asked so many times "where did you get those earrings" ...I just love to tell them "I make them." I really need to make more stuff for

Whew!!!! That was a lot of information....I think I'll have to be more disciplined with my updating and really try to do it more often. I've many more things to talk about but will leave it for now. Till the next time folks, take care...have a safe and wonderful summer!