Sunday, January 31, 2010

~New Year, New Beads, New Contest~

We are one month into the new year and things are going great!!! The year started off with a bang when I was approached to teach a work shop on basic beading. This lit a fire under me and I went full steam ahead...prepared what I needed to teach the course. Unfortunately, the workshop may not proceed now due to lack of funding. Nonetheless I will offer up a workshop here in my home in the coming months. I'm really interested in we will see how this goes!!

This also gave me an idea to sell kits for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Many of my fellow beading friends have been quiet successful selling kits/patterns. I too wanted to try my hand at it so I've picked up extra supplies, designed a few patterns and will have them available soon!!! I've so many ideas for'll be the first to see them once I have everything in place. I have also ordered and received new supplies which includes my polymer clay (finally). I'm pretty excited about making focal pieces for my bead embroidery. The clay is a nice fun escape from the beading....we call it "claying" My best friend and I will be scheduling a clay date soon!!! I'll have pics to show you of our awesome creations!!!

There are just so many things I want to do, finding the time to do them all is nearly impossible. I will be attending a PMC Certification workshop at the end of February, this should be fantastic...simply cannot wait!!! Most of the same folks from last year's workshop will be attending so it should be fun!!

I'm currently working on a necklace for one of my valued customers. It's a collar made entirely of bugles. It will be simply stunning once completed. I will definitely post a few pics here on my blog and of course on my website when its finished.

I'm also working on a embroidered cuff which is worked up entirely of flat bead embroidery. There are no cabochons or larger beads to fill in large spaces. It's turning out rather nice but is a slow process. I also need to start some regalia for a friend...ooh my so little time soooooooo much to do!!!

So now that we have a New year and New beads ...we are going to have a !!NEW CONTEST!! Yes folks I'm back with another one here are the details:

If you subscribe to my blog or become a member on my website you will have a chance to win a pair of traditional style earrings with porcupine quills (retail value $34.50). Just subscribe to my blog or register on my website, it's that easy.

Contest begins today and will run through the month of February/March. In the first week of April, I will collect the names/email addresses of the members in both places, draw a name, then give away a beautiful pair of earrings (similar to the ones in the picture above). I'll even let "YOU" choose your favorite colour!!!!

So subscribe or register "now" to have your chance to win a beautiful pair of earrings made by me, especially for you!! If you're already a're one step closer to collecting those earrings :0)

That's all for this morning, time to pour up another coffee and get to work at my beading table. Take care everyone, have a great day!