Monday, May 17, 2010

~Basic Beaded Earring Kits~

Yes folks after all this time and talk about making kits..... I have finally managed to find the time to make those beading kits. It was a tremendous amount of work, but I pulled it off. I have 15 different kits available now in a variety of colours in both size 11 & size 15 glass seed beads.

Each kit includes: printed instructions, graphs/chart, thread, needle, sterling silver or 14kt gold filled findings and enough beads to complete the project. A few of the kits include awesome embellishments for the fringe: One kits has Czech Fire Polished Glass Bead embellishments, another has metal feather dangles and 5 kits are available with Red Bay Labrador Porcupine Quills.

So far, I have only had the time to designs & create kits for basic earrings. For anyone who maybe interested in the kits, working knowledge of brick stitch would be a plus. I have included a small printout on how to do a ladder stitch and the basics on brick stitch to help you along.

I have posted a few pictures here of the kits I have available. I don't have them posted as of yet on my etsy site but they will be available there very soon. In the meantime if your interested you can get them directly from me just send me an email and I'll get back to you right away.

Take care folks, I'll be in touch soon with more news, products and maybe a new contest. So stay tuned!!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~~New Products~~ Bezel Rivolis & Bolo Ties

Two new products I decided to add to my long list of jewelry this spring are beaded rivolis earrings and beaded bolos.

The Beaded Rivolis are gorgeous; I can’t believe I have not tried them till now. The way the light bounces off the crystals is simply amazing. This pair is called ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ it has a heliotype rivolis crystal (14mm), beaded in size 15 Miyuki Glass Seed Beads. This pair is available on my etsy site.

I have been asked a number of times if I could make a beaded bolo. I decided to get in the slides and ropes and give them a try. What you see here are the first two I've made. The first one with the traditional colours & quills has been sent away to my friend and quill supplier in Red Bay Labrador, as a gift of appreciation. The other is of an Inukshuk inlay made of Red Bay Labrador Porcupine Quills. It is simply gorgeous!!! Both bolos are worked in bead embroidery, using size 11 Miyuki Glass Seed Beads. Stay tuned..more news and products to come over the next few weeks...