Sunday, August 16, 2009

-=Beading Like A Crazy Woman=-

Hello everyone, just taking a few minutes this morning to update my blog...fill you in on whats been going on over the last few weeks. The title of my blog update pretty much sums up what I've been doing. Beading, beading & more beading. I'm diggin' in and finishing up some big projects to make way for more

I've just completed another cuff (which was ordered by a wonderful lady I met at the Mary March Museum on July 16th) and the original cuff has since been purchased which is just fantastic. I'm hoping to have a few cuffs made for the Craft Council Craft Shop as well as some for the Armouries Xmas Show in November & also for the 4th Annual Center Christmas Craft Fair at the Gorden Centre for the Arts on November 27th and 28th. So needless to say, I'm am very busy what else is new eh?

I've also opened an Etsy store ..!!! I've posted eight items and sold one of them in my first few fabulous is that!!! The picture to the right is of a necklace currently available. I worked on this piece during the beading demos I did in June and July which focused around aboriginal themes and crafts. Check out my Etsy page for more details.

I've updated my website to include the contact information for my two new markets. You can also follow me now on Twitter!! Yes folks I've gone there lol.....check out my twitter page when you have time. Welp time to get busy...thanks again for all of your support!!! Take care folks....