Tuesday, August 31, 2010

!!!Beading & School & Fairs ..Oh My!!!

The days are growing shorter now that summer is coming quickly to an end. This spring/summer has been a very busy time for me. I have had many, many orders to fill & I really wasn’t sure if I could do them all but I managed to somehow keep on top. I have included new photos of a few projects that I completed in July & August; I hope you like them.

I’ve enrolled into college and my classes start on Thursday...YIKES!!! I’m pretty sure my work load will be intense, so I’m not sure how much free time I will have to update my blog & website. I will however try to keep things updated as time allows but my focus this fall will be on school.

As for my beading, I will not be taking any extra orders. My focus for this fall is to design & create new projects for the upcoming Christmas Craft Fairs in November. I will not be running my own booth this year because there just isn’t time for me to pump out enough products to fill a booth. I will however be sharing a one with Pete Barrett from the Mealy Mountain Gallery, hopefully if I have enough products to display. So look for me there at Pete’s booth this coming November.
I’m getting a Mirrix Loom, woohoo, I'm so excited!!! I think the "big sister" is the best choice for me for the project I will be weaving!!! I’ve an order for a beaded belt for one of the ladies powwow regalia I did this summer. I will create the pattern with beadtool, then I’ll weave the belt on my new Mirrix Loom. So don’t forget to check back for pics of that when I get it started. I haven’t loomed in years so this should be very challenging!!!

I also have two retail outlets that need stock desperately, so needless to say I’m very busy with a full plate again for this fall season!!! Did you expect anything else lol…….

Thank you for following along with me here on my blog and also for all your support, I truly appreciate it. I hope you had a great summer!! Take Care & I'll be in touch!!


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